Art Deco Glass

Art Deco Glass

There are a few classic designs that are used for a variety of different products. You will find an assortment of items that use Art Deco Glass in creating them. The most common product created with this type of glass is the vase. These are collectible pieces that can be found as genuine period items or as reproductions. These pieces are usually characterized by the shape and color used in creating them. This type of glassware often incorporates a lot of geometric patterns into the piece and uses more muted colors such as pastel green and amber.

The Art Deco Glass will often vary by the region it was made in. A French vase is created in a conical style with wings running down two sides of the piece. The wings are actually small square segments that protrude from some contrasting textured areas on the vases body. This piece is made in a neutral beige color and stands about eight inches high. Some more decorative vases are made by combining clear and frosted colors on the glass to create a specific image or pattern. This can be anything from the gentle swirl of a fern vine to an array of triangles.

In addition to the selection of different vases you will find Art Deco Glass used to create pieces of jewelry as well. The glass is used as an inlay in the setting of a piece and can be found in rings, earrings and pendants. Pink and blue are the two most popular colors used in creating jewelry with this glass. It can also be found in the creation of serving dishes and some specialty items such as the handle of a cake server. There are also some very colorful designs used in creating serving pitchers, cups and saucers. If you enjoy collecting interesting glass items you might like the style of this type of glassware.

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Art Deco Glass

Charles Schneider, the colour magician in French art deco glass

Frequently Asked Questions...

Old art deco dishes - safe to eat off of?

I got dishes given to me - very old, probably 60yrs or older - and I'm just curious if they'd be safe to eat off of? Wasn't sure if old dishes had lead in them. They are clear glass - no color or paint. I'd really like to use them but I'm paranoid. Not sure if they would be microwave safe - I probably wouldn't try it.


they are safe to use but don't place them in the microwave and the dishwasher those days they didn't have these appliances and the dishes were not made for this , treat them with tender loving care if they lasted 60 years I'm sure that whom ever had them took good care of them and probably only used them on very special occasion like you should ,just buy yourself a set of everyday dishes that you can place into the microwave and the dishwasher with no problems .

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